Probationary Tenancy Available October 2021

I am seeking to bring on a probationary tenant from any talented individuals who have completed pupillage but have not secured tenancy elsewhere.  A probationary tenancy was traditionally known as ‘third six pupillage’, but we do not to use that term, as it is not part of the training requirement for barristers and has less formal regulation.

A probationary tenancy will last for six months, at the end of which, if there is sufficient work available and you are a good fit to work with me you will be given tenancy.  Sometimes the probationary tenancy may be extended by agreement.

I will work with you over the six month period in providing you with help and guidance.  In between doing your own work, you will be asked to do paperwork for me. 

We do not offer a financial award for a probationary tenant. You can expect to receive fee income from your work reasonably swiftly.  During the probationary tenancy you will not pay any chambers rent and I self clerk.

I am based in a small office with all office facilities in Stanley County Durham which is 8 miles from Durham and 9 miles form Newcastle the local courts tend to be in the NE and Cumbria and maybe down to York and Leeds although you can travel nationwide if you choose. 

If you have any queries about probationary tenancy please call 01207.655178 or email 

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