On this page I set out indicative terms and fixed fees for Direct Access Services
for both Personal Clients and Business Clients.

I do not charge for an initial 20 minutes Skype, Zoom or telephone consultation to let me decide if your case is suitable for direct access. During this consultation it will only be a fact finding exercise, I will not be giving you any legal advice. 

If you then seek to instruct me on the case I will require that a £500 retainer be paid. £500 is the minimum I charge to attend a court or tribunal hearing and my minimum fee to prepare a case and give advice on the case is £750. If any balance is due for me to attend a court or tribunal hearing, that balance must be paid at least 72 hours before the hearing (failing which I will be unable to attend the hearing). 

If you want a face to face consultation after the initial free consultation, I charge £500 for up to 1 hour and I will also give you legal advice during that meeting and if you then decide to instruct me on the case I will credit £250 towards the next invoice. 

So whether you are an individual or a business.
Please email jbrown@nechambers.co.uk to set up a time for a consultation.

Any quote given to you for legal services will assume that you will provide me with all necessary information to enable me to deliver the agreed scope of work within the agreed time-frame. I may have to amend my fee if the scope of work or time-frame changes for reasons beyond my control. Alternatively if you simply fail to provide information required to enable me to proceed with your case I will entitled to discontinue providing the service to you and in such circumstance you will not be entitled to any refund on fees which you have already paid to me. 

If you have a quote from a firm of solicitors, please email the quote to me: jbrown@nechambers.co.uk and ask if I can take on the work, if I can I will beat the quote by 35% – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

If you have been recommended to me by a previous client, I will discount my fees by 10%.



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Family Law – Divorce and Financial Settlement – Fixed Fee Guidance

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Employment Law – Services for Businesses – Fixed Fee Guidance  

Contesting A Non-Molestation Order Or Non Molestation Application – Fixed Fee Guidance

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