Fixed Fees for Money Claims up to £50,000

I can assist you if you are pursuing or defending a money claim. If you are doing a money claim you will have to put your claim on the money on line portal and pay the court fee.

I charge £500 for Small Claim actions and £750 for claims over £10,000 up to the case being issued by the court. Once the case has been issued I charge a further £500 or £750 to deal with the matter up to the first court appearance. 

The fees above DO NOT include court attendance, or enforcement of judgements. 

In the Small Claims Court (claims up to £10,000) I will be assisting you with the claim not acting for you as I will not come on the court record (as you normally cannot recover legal fees in the Small Claims Court). 

I can draft all letters and court documents for you. I will also provide free phone support (within reason) throughout your case.

If the matters goes to a hearing I charge £400 for a preparatory hearing, £650 for a 1/2 day hearing and £1,500 for a full day hearing.

If you have a claim over £50,000 please call to discuss fees.

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