Have You Been Mis-Sold a Timeshare or Static Caravan by a Timeshare Company or Caravan Park?

We offer a fixed price service to review any contracts where you may have been miss-sold through misrepresentation or unfair contract terms

If you have been mis-sold a property such as being sold a timeshare product or static caravan we can help.

If you have had buy a caravan and pay to pitch it on a caravan park or have bought a holiday lodge on a park, we can offer you a fixed price service at a cost of £500 to review your contract, to advise whether you have a possible claim to recover any fees you have paid and if so also send a Letter Before Action. 

If you have bought a timeshare product the contracts are much more complex and for a fixed price of £1,995 I can take action to terminate the timeshare product usually within 60 days. If in e.g. Malta, Portugal, Spain. Other regions such as USA and Thailand (call for fees).

If you have taken finance for the timeshare product i can take action to terminate the finance under S140 of the Consider Credit Act. Such actions are slow as the banks treat these as complaints. 

This means that after about 3 months the case has to move to the Ombudsman and has to stay with the ombudsman for approx 3 months before we can even consider legal action. 

If you have home insurance you should see if that assists with legal fees. If you have a S140 claim I charge £500 to lodge the claim and then if you are repaid it is on a no win no fee basis at 25% + VAT. You only pay me, if the bank repay you. 

Many clients say that the “sales pitch” given to them by the business, offered the service to them as an “investment” or as an “asset” which could be handed down to family, yet when they sign the contract they find that this is not true.

Such claims would amount to misrepresentation in law and would make the contract unenforceable. 

There may also be an issue with unfair contract terms in the contracts which permit you to site your caravan or lodge on the park, as well as many restrictive clauses if you then ever seek to sell the caravan or lodge, or clauses which allow you to only have the caravan on site if it is less than 10 years old and then they charge you high administration fees (which are not true administrative fees) for you to remove the caravan, only to then sell you a new one at an inflated price. 

If you have paid for the timeshare, caravan or lodge on finance which was arranged by the company you may also have a claim against  the bank who offered you the finance. 

You will have to supply me a comprehensive summary of the “sales pitch” which led to you buying the property and a copy of  your contracts and proof of all payments you have made.

You will be provided with a comprehensive legal advice within 28 days of me receiving payment + all of the necessary documents.

If the case has to move to court proceedings the fees for that will be discussed at that time. 

Miss-sold Static Caravan

Mis-sold Static Caravan

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