Legal Aid in Family Court Proceedings

I am unable to offer legal aid services to members to the public. In the Family Courts, legal aid is severely limited and usually you will have to pay privately. I can offer you the same services as a high street firm of solicitors for at least 35% less than they would charge you.

Legal aid only available, if you are eligible, for the following areas of family law:

  • Social services involvement – in the event that the local council is applying for a care order, supervision order or emergency protection order in relation to your children, legal aid is always automatically available – it may also be available to be extended to family members, but this will depend on whether they are eligible by way of their means and the strength of their case

  • Family injunctions – including non-molestation orders, occupation orders, orders under the Protection from Harassment Act and forced marriage protection orders

  • Where the person needing legal aid is a child under 18 who is a party to family proceedings

  • International and domestic child abduction – including to secure an order to prevent the unlawful removal of a child from the UK or to secure the return of a child unlawfully removed within the jurisdiction

  • Private children disputes – where you have evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse

  • Divorce and finance matters – where you have evidence of domestic abuse

The Legal Aid Agency will take into account your eligibility for funding based on your means and the strength of your case. 

What counts as evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse?

There is a very specific list of acceptable evidence of what domestic abuse is accepted and that is detailed on the government website.



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