North East Barristers Chambers - Value for money services for sole traders and SME’s.

For a small monthly membership fee of only £49.99 a month (with discounts available for certain trade entities), our Business Membership Service offers you up to 5 hours of legal advice a month over the phone, on any business related matter, e.g. business restructuring, employment law or debt recovery. You will be given a unique phone number to call which shows us that anyone calling is a member.

Given your average Solicitors firm will charge +£200 an hour + Vat to meet with you to discuss any legal matter, you will be getting a legal service for your business at a much reduced rate.

If you take out a membership, we will also offer you 10% off any other services you take up, e.g. meetings to try to resolve a dispute, court appearances and drafting of business documents.

If you have family members seeking legal advice on e.g. family law, criminal law, employment law we will offer them also a 10% discount on our legal services if they quote your membership number.

We are also offering a service whereby Sole Traders and SME’s can download business documents at reasonable prices

Our “Legal Documentation” page has downloadable template business documents, e.g. consultancy contracts, shareholder agreements, terms and conditions, partnership agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s), which are able be downloaded as soon as payment has cleared.

If you wish to have any other business templates made available to download please contact us on


If you are a member of the Derwentshire – Do Business Network (“DBN”) we will offer a reduced monthly subscription at £39.99 a month

If you are a member of the Fram Farmers Cooperative we will offer a reduced monthly subscription  at £39.99 a month


The Business Membership Services are made available exclusively by North East Barristers Chambers to sole traders and SME’s for business related legal enquiries. If you take out a membership, you will immediately be able to contact us (on a notified phone number) for a maximum of 5 hours in any month (between 10am and 4pm M-F) under your membership.

No hours will be permitted to role over to a following monthly period.

Any advice given over the 5 hour monthly period will be chargeable at £175 per hour.

When you take out membership the price will be fixed for at least 12 months and if the price has to change, you will be given at least 28 days’ notice. Your minimum commitment is 6 months and payments should be set up as a monthly direct debit. If you seek to cancel membership after the minimum commitment period, we will require at least 28 days written notice from you. 

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