Summary of Fixed Fees – Immigration Cases 


Initial Consultation – any case 

This fee will be deducted from the final bill if you instruct us in your case

Applications for more than one family member will be charged at an extra 50% per application for each additional person 

Types of Application/Claim (Excluding Appeals & Advocacy)

Level 1 Applications:

Travel Documents

EU Settlement Scheme Applications for EU/EEA Nationals


Level 2 Applications:

Replacement Residence Permits (BRP, NTL)

Visit Visa


EEA/EU Family Member Applications

Student Visas


Level 3 Applications:

Family reunion

Spouse, partner, civil or unmarried partners of non-EU nationals

Parent route applications

Dependent child Visas


Long residence in the UK



Level 4 Applications:

Adult Dependent Relatives

Points based system applications

Immigration Bail



Level 5 Applications:

Asylum claims

Human rights applications


Level 6 Applications:

All other applications including –


Judicial Review Costs


Completing and submitting an appeal form

Completing and submitting an application for Administrative Review  

All Appeals – preparation of case (excluding advocacy)


1. VAT is payable (where applicable) in addition to  our fees, and you may also need to pay court fees in addition to our fee

2. The fixed fee scheme requires you to provide reasonable instructions in a reasonable and timely manner.  

3. If the proceedings become unexpectedly complicated we reserve the right to charge for this extra work on a time spent basis.

4. The fixed fees do not include representation at court hearings.  

5. The fees for each stage are payable in two parts.  50% is payable at the start of each stage and 50% at the end of each stage. 










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