Fixed Fees – Child Contact Proceedings 

If you have agreed terms for contact, a consent order can be drafted and sent to the court (you will have to pay a court fee, currently £50) to have the order sealed. I charge £150 to draft a basic agreed contact order. 

Fixed Fee Child Application Forms (Child Arrangements Order for Residence & Contact)

Form C100 including taking full instructions and preparing the documents 

I can prepare your full case and represent you at each hearing 


Form C1A (only required if there are/have been welfare concerns) 


Ongoing representation will be charged at £400 for a hearing less than 1/2 day, £650 for 1/2 day hearing, and £1,500 for a full day hearing. 

It is difficult to say exactly how many hearings will be necessary, that will depend on both parties willingness to see the matter resolved.
If you are both willing to see the matter resolved without delay, then it seems to average 5 hearings.
1. First hearing – less than 1/2 day – Cost £400 
2. Dispute resolution hearing – if case can be resolved at this hearing the case will stop here – less than 1/2 day – Cost £400
3. If CAFCASS are involved their will have to a hearing to consider their report – less than 1/2 day – Cost £400
4. If the dispute cannot be resolved the court may want to hear evidence on any “allegations”. This is called a fact finding hearing. The hearing time will depend on the complexity of the allegations, but they tend to be at least 1 full day Cost £1,500 per day. 
5. Final hearing – where the court will make a final order – less than 1/2 day – Cost £400
The preparation of your case will require me to advise you on drafting witness statements, Scott schedule (setting out and replying to any allegations) + ongoing advice – Cost £1,250 
Based on a case with 5 hearings (as above) your total costs would be £4,350.


1. VAT is payable (where applicable) in addition to my fees, and you may also need to pay court fees in addition to my fees. 

2. If a hearing is more than a 60 mile round trip you will also have to meet my petrol costs 

3. The fixed fee scheme requires you to provide reasonable instructions in a reasonable and timely manner. If you fail to do so I am entitled to withdraw my services. 

4. The fees must be paid in advance before I can commence work for you.

5. Fixed fees are not suitable for everyone.  I will discuss them with you carefully before going ahead.  I reserve the right to refuse to offer fixed fees and if so I charge an hourly rate of £190 PH. 

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