Defamation Cases – Fixed Fee Services 

Before commencing any action for defamation a formal letter before action must be served.  

I can draft a letter before action – Fees start at £175

If the LBA is ignored then you will need to commence proceedings with a Particulars of Claim having to be issued along with the court forms. If you seek to commence Defamation proceedings I charge £2,000 to deal with all matters up to a first court hearing.

Ongoing representation will be charged at £350 for a hearing less than 1/2 day, £550 for 1/2 day and £1,200 for a fee day 


1. VAT is payable (where applicable) in addition to my fees, and you may also need to pay court fees in addition to my fees. 

2. If a hearing is more than a 60 mile round trip you will also have to meet my petrol costs 

3. The fixed fee scheme requires you to provide reasonable instructions in a reasonable and timely manner. If yoiu fail to do so I am entitled to withdraw my services. 

4. The fees must be paid in advance before I can commence work for you.

5. If your claim succeeds I will seek that your costs are paid by the other side 

5. Fixed fees are not suitable for everyone.  I will discuss them with you carefully before going ahead.  I reserve the right to refuse to offer fixed fees and if so I charge an hourly rate of £190 PH. 


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