If you are facing a Crown Court criminal trial please call 01207.655178. 

Their is a logic in paying privately for a barrister to do your Crown Court trial. I can do the same work which a firm of solicitors would do in preparing your case as well as represent you at trial. 

If you are an Entrepreneur, CEO, Company Director, Property Owner, etc,  you may not be eligible for legal aid or may face having to pay a large contribution to legal aid , which can easily be over £10,000.

Note also that if you are convicted and have assets you can then be ordered to pay back all of the legal aid money which was paid to your solicitors.

I had a client who had to pay a £12,000 contribution to legal aid and having been convicted the Legal Aid Agency sought £45,000 from him and they have put a charge on his property for him to repay £45,000 as the balance on the legal aid he was awarded. 

Below you will find a table of my fixed fee prices for Crown Court trials.

The price includes all preparation, calls, letters and advocacy fee at court. The prices include meeting with 1 witness who you may need to call. If you have more than 1 witness for me to meet I will have to charge an additional fee. 

My fees do not include any expert fees -which you will have to pay for.

My fees do not include tracing witnesses for your trial. If you need that service I can direct you to someone I trust and that will be at an additional fee. 

The fees are only for Crown Courts within a 30 mile radius of chambers, if any further, travel costs will have to be charged (train or mileage at 45p per mile) and if more than 100 miles away and the case is listed for more than 1 day, Travel + B&B costs will have to be met. 

If your case is listed for 3 or more days, you should consider paying an additional day rate of £300 for my litigation assistant to also attend court to take a full note of the proceedings and to enable them to deal with any issues whilst I am speaking in court. 

Not Guilty plea – Crown Court
Trial 1 day
£3,500 (plus VAT if applicable) 
Not Guilty plea – Crown Court
Trial 2 days
£5,500 (plus VAT if applicable)
Not Guilty plea – Crown Court
Trial 3 days
£7,500 (plus VAT if applicable)
Not Guilty plea – Crown Court
Trial 4 days
£9,500 (plus VAT if applicable)
Not Guilty plea – Crown Court
Trial 5 days
£12,000 (plus VAT if applicable)
Trial over 5 daysPrice on assessment of case
Proceeds of crime casesPrice on assessment of case
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