Estimated costs for appearing for you at a CIVIL COURT or TRIBUNAL HEARING.

The prices set out below (all excluding VAT) for me to attend at a CIVIL COURT/ TRIBUNAL, includes me dealing with a “reasonable number of phone calls and emails from you” and reviewing the papers for the hearing. 

The prices set out below do not include me preparing your case for the hearing (that price starts at £750).

The prices below may vary if you need to speak me on a large number of occasions or you have been to a number of hearings on your own and the matter is very complex and time consuming or is at a late stage in the proceedings for me to read and understand the issues in a short period of time.  

Advocate at Court / Tribunal – less than 1/2 day – £400

Advocate at Court / Tribunal – 1/2 day hearing – £550 

Advocate at Court – full day hearing – £1,500*

If I have to travel over a 60 mile round trip, I will also have to charge train or petrol costs.

If over 100 miles – one way travel and the matter is to go into a 2nd day (or more), I would charge travel + B&B costs to enable me to be on site for the start of the 2nd day (and any other ongoing days).

If your case is complex and goes on for several days, I may seek (at an additional cost) to have a litigation assistant also attend Court to assist me. That will always be agreed in advance. 

The cost for me to prepare a SIMPLE CIVIL case, starts at £750, which includes a phone or video, consultation, the drafting of any statements, and corresponding with the other side.

It does not include paying for any expert report or any transcripts.

It also does not include any court fees which you will have to pay, or ancillary costs e.g. postage, and if I have to prepare a bundle for the court and the other side in the proceedings which has more than 50 pages, I will have to charge you for ink consumables. 

As an estimate: for John to prepare a SIMPLE CIVIL CASE and then ATTEND a 1/2 day court hearing, your fees will be £1,400.


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