Financial Order on a Divorce (FDR to a Final Hearing) – THE STEPS

Applying to the Court for a Financial Order on a Divorce (FDR to a Final Hearing).

This set out the steps regarding a disputed case for a Financial Order after Divorce.

1.The parties will follow the Direction of the First Appointment which may include-

a) Jointly or Individually instructing experts; or 

b) Expert evidence as per the direction 

2. In less that 7 days before the FDR, each party will file with the court a copy of all open and without prejudice offers made.

3. Parties attend court for a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing (FDR) at which the Judge will give an indication as to the likely outcome if it goes to a final hearing of the matter and shall set further Directions.

4. The Court will send the parties a sealed order form of the (FDR) and notice of the Date upon which the final hearing has been listed.

5. The parties will follow any further Direction given by the Court for up-dating disclosure, statement of evidence and expert evidence. 

6. No less than 14 days before the Final Hearing the parties will agree an index to the  Bundle and will ensure Decree Nisi has been obtained.

 7. Not less than 14 days before the final hearing the applicant will file and serve an open statement describing the orders they will file and seeking From H1 (detailing their legal fees).

8. Not less than 7 days before the final Hearing the respondent will file a response to the applicant’s open statement.

9. Not less 4 days before the final hearing the Applicant will serve a paginated index to the Court bundle and on the Respondent.

10. Not less than 2 days before the Court final hearing the applicant will file a complete and paginated Court bundle with the Court. 

1. By 11am of the day before the final hearing the parties will file statements, chronologies, skeleton argument, reading list and time estimates.

12.FINAL HEARING; will be heard at the Court which will make Orders in relation to the transfer of property, sale of property, payment of lump of sums, payment of  periodical payment and pension sharing etc.

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