Summary of Fixed Fees – Family Law Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution Cases

Fees for Child Care Proceedings CLICK HERE 


Uncontested Divorce (petitioner) £550
Uncontested Divorce (respondent) £300

If you have reached an agreement after divorce

Cohabitation agreement (depending if we draft, or advise on agreement drafted by another lawyer) £550/700
Separation agreement (depending if we draft, or advise on agreement drafted by another lawyer) £550/700
Pre-Nuptual agreement (depending if we draft, or advise on agreement drafted by another lawyer)


Parental Responsibility agreement £100
Change of name deed £95

Drafting a consent order if you have reached an agreement

We can offer a fixed fee service for spousal maintenance matters. We can provide fees are for various stages of the spousal maintenance proceedings. The agreed fixed fee will be dependent on the volume of work involved in the case and the complexity of the matter.

If you seek representation in a Financial Settlement after divorce, that being because you and your ex have failed to reach an agreement on the financial position. My average fees are around £6,000 for preparing the case and attending court for a for a 1 day hearing. If your case is complicated and is listed in court for multiple days the cost would be £- POA 



£ +6,000


1. VAT is payable where applicable. You will have to also pay court fees in addition to our fees, (unless you are on benefits and the court waives the fee – you will have to make a specific application to the court) . The current court fee for divorce proceedings is £550 and the court fee for applying for a consent order is £50.

2. The fixed fee scheme requires you to provide reasonable instructions in a reasonable and timely manner.  If you do not then we may have to add an additional fee. Our fixed fee service means that we do not charge you any additional fees to speak to us on the phone up to 8pm at night or between 9am and 12 noon on Saturdays, or for you to send us emails that you need a reply to. This is subject to your contact not being excessive, if so we would have to charge you pro-rata based on our hourly rate of £175ph (we will always notify you in advance if we sought to impose this additional fee). 

3. If the proceedings become unexpectedly complicated (including the issue of separate court applications in addition to the usual ancillary relief process), we reserve the right to charge for this extra work on a time spent basis.

4. Fixed fees are only available for cases where the total assets are worth £850,000 or less. If the assets are over £1 Miillion hourly rates may have to be charged. 

5. If we need to involve outside experts, you will have to meet those fees yourself.   For example, you may need advice from accountants, pension experts or surveyors.

6. Unless stated otherwise, the fixed fees do not include representation at court hearings.  

7. The fees for each stage are payable in two parts. 50% is payable at the start of each stage and 50% at the end of each stage.

8. Fixed fees are not suitable for everyone.  We will discuss them with you carefully before going ahead.  We reserve the right to refuse to offer fixed fees. 

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