Faulty car bought on finance? What are my consumer rights

Have you bought a faulty car on finance? What are your consumer rights, and are you able to reject the car or get the car fixed?

To answer the question will depends were you bought a faulty car on finance from and What were the terms and conditions on the finance agreement.

You will have more protection if you have bought the car on finance from a car dealer or dealership however if you were to finance a car from a private seller you would have hardly no protection.

What should I do if I bought a faulty car on finance?

How To Reject A Car On Finance?

If the car is on finance, you are not technically the owner, just the registered keeper. You’ll need to contact the finance company who will then negotiate with the dealer. If you are experiencing problems during this process then you can contact the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Trading Standards. 

Regardless of the vehicle, don’t be in a hurry to reject the car, it should always be a last option.

If, given the opportunity to sort out the issue, the dealer becomes obstructive, unhelpful, or more precisely, can’t fix it – then you should take the opportunity to reject the car and start again with another. 

If you have taken out a car on finance new or used and all of a sudden found a fault with the car what should I do? As long as I know that it was not me that caused the fault.

  1. Firstly, look for your car finance agreement, this will tell you a lot about the car finance deal you have taken out it will also tell you what you are covered for.
  2. Secondly you will need to speak with the car finance company and tell them about the fault weather that be an engine fault, back light fault or any other.
  3. If the faulty car bought on finance was not your fault and you think the car was already damaged you have a right to complain, please remember to explain this to the car dealer how you came about the fault.
  4. Depending on what dealership terms of agreements are you might have to pay an excess fee, this is were the dealer will pay some but so will you. And depending on the damage this could go in the hundreds of pounds.

What are my consumer rights for a faulty car bought on finance?

The consumer rights act can play an important role if you have a faulty car bought on finance, lets take a look at the act.

The Consumer rights act was introduced UK law on the 1st October 2015

This protects consumers from being put into a difficult position if the product, service or car purchased in this case was not up to satisfactory quality.

When purchasing car finance through a dealer or dealership the car should be in good working condition as you would not pay for a car that had a fault.

If you have bought a faulty car on finance you should look through you car finance agreement to see what information your car dealer or car financier have put on their terms and conditions if there was a fault to ever happen with the car.

After speaking to the car dealer about the fault, if things get stressful and you are being made liable or receive a bill for the fault you can always seek legal help or contact the Financial ombudsman free.

Used Faulty car bought on finance, Do I still have my consumer rights?

If you were to buy a used car on finance and it became faulty you would still have your consumer rights.

The same still applies as if it was a new car as car finance like pcp and hire purchase are a financial product.

Can I claim if I bought a faulty car on finance and it wasn’t my fault?

Yes, well you have a claim most certainly if you bought a faulty car or motor on finance as it was not your fault the more recent you raise a claim the better.

If this is a manufacturing error made by the car manufacture themselves, and they can be hold to account or made liable depending on the fault.

If this is a used car however lets say over 5 years old you could not be covered by the car or motor manufacture as part of their warranty but if you recently bought a faulty car on finance on pcp or hire purchase you can most certainly raise a dispute. 

As in the recent Mercedes emission scandal were, they were caught manipulating devices they installed in all of diesel cars they would show false co2 emission readings.

This called for a massive recall of cars from across the world and Mercedes being hit with a massive fine and thousands of people in the UK being due compensation as this was a fault made by the manufacture and they

Can I get a refund if I bought a faulty car on finance?

If you bought a faulty car on finance or a motor that developed a fault and it was not your fault you could possibly have a claim.

When you first bought the car on finance you wouldn’t have bought the car lets say if it had engine failure, you would want a car that had no issues at all so you could do your day to day stuff.

Now all of a moment your car is now off the road and still paying monthly instalments towards the agreement.

Some dealerships may help towards fixing the car as long as you pay a excess fee but depending on the problems this could cost hundreds of pounds.

If the dealerships try to say it not their fault and tries to blame you or the car manufacture this can leave you thinking what to do next.

Depending on how recent you bought a faulty car on finance can help, if you were to buy a car on a pcp or hire purchase and 1 month later the car had a engine or brake fault then would stand a better claim.

If you are unsure on what to do you can always call us on 01207. 655178 . 

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