If you are facing a Magistrates Court Criminal Trial please call 01207.655178, or email: jbrown@nechambers.co.uk 

If you have a driving related case in the Magistrates Court I have a separate website www.drinkdrivinglawyer.co.uk.

You will be directly connected to John Brown. No receptionist to get through to, no call backs, no call centres. 

I offer direct access which is what I believe you should have.

Below you will find a table of my fixed fee prices for Magistrates Court trials. The price includes attending Court for you to enter a Not Guilty plea (it does not include attending any preparatory hearings before trial). 

The price also includes all preparation, calls, letters and delivering advocacy at trial. It also includes meeting with 1 witness who you may need to call. If you have more than 1 witness for me to meet I will have to charge an additional fee. 

My fees do not include any expert fees – which you will have to pay for. 

The fees below are only for Magistrates Courts within a 30 mile radius of chambers. If any further, then travel costs (train, or mileage at 45 per mile) will have to be charged and if more than 100 miles away and the case is listed for more than 1 day, travel + B&B costs will also have to be met. 

Not Guilty plea – Trial 1 day£1,750 (plus VAT if applicable)
Not Guilty plea – Trial 2 days£2,900 (plus VAT if applicable)
Not Guilty plea – Trial 3 days£4,500 (plus VAT if applicable)
 Trial over 3 days  Price on assessment of case 
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