If you are facing a Crown Court criminal trial please call 0191.4862799 or email: jbrown@nechambers.co.uk 

You will be directly connected to John Brown. No receptionist to get through to, no call backs, no call centres. 

I offer direct access which is what I believe you should have.

Below you will find a table of my fixed fee prices for Crown Court trials. The price includes all preparation, calls, letters and advocacy fee, including meeting with 1 witness who you may need to call. If you have more than 1 witness for me to meet I will have to charge an additional fee. 

My fees do not include any expert fees -which you will have to pay for. 

The fees are only for Crown Courts within a 50 mile radius of chambers if any further, travel costs will have to be charged and if more than 100 miles away and the case is listed for more than 1 day, B&B costs will also have to be met. 

If your case is listed for 3 or more days you should consider paying an additional day rate of £300 for my litigation assistant to also attend court to take a full note of the proceedings and deal with any issues whilst I am am speaking in court. 

Not Guilty plea – Trial 1 day £3,000 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 2 days £4,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 3 days £6,000 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 4 days £7,500 plus VAT
Not Guilty plea – Trial 5 days £9,000 plus VAT
Trial over 5 days Price on assessment of case
Proceeds of crime case Price on assessment of case
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