Genocide and Ecocide

Every human, living creature and life-form on the entire planet appear to be facing unprecedented existential perils from multi vector dangers and technologies simultaneously.

People across the planet are becoming increasingly alarmed as they learn of the serious implications of such as the Covid restrictions and vaccines; ultra-high intensity LED lighting and the 5G roll-out: to their own health, particularly that of their children, the health of animals and insects, damage to the environment and all biological life.

This is uniting the general population in protests like never before, out of the gravest concern for the safety and survival of their families and loved ones, such that they are taking to the streets in massive numbers throughout all countries. Many people are also facing discrimination and threats of termination to their employment if they do not comply with immediate demands from employers in all private and public institutions to obey new requirements for such as vaccination against their free will or freedom of choice with no scientific or proven medical reasons or evidence.

Update – I am representing Eddy Ellwood in his fight against the restrictions placed on him by Hartlepool Council – part of this fund will go towards Eddy’s legal fees.


This fund page has been set up to assist with the defence of any law abiding man, women or child in the North of England who have been wrongly arrested, assaulted, charged or interfered with, whilst exercising their right to live free and protest or who have been prevented from earning their lawful living.

This fund is not for anyone in particular and whilst any funds donated for a specific cause will assist that cause, any surplus or costs recovered will be retained in the fund for general use for any just cause for which enough evidence exists.

It is essential for funding such as this to be set up with complete transparency and openness; all records will be maintained for inspection by anyone to be able to demonstrate that funds are only utilised for justifiable expenditure.

The photographs and videos from many peaceful protests and in particular, the worst example ever seen, the peaceful Newcastle protest on 29th August 2021, have gone viral around the world provoking the utmost disgust and outrage as to just how far matters have deteriorated; how the authorities disregard fundamental human rights, laws and conventions and define the absolute necessity for this fund.

People do not want to face such as the possibility of their children being retained in school and vaccinated against their will, or without their consent.

The volume of vaccine injuries and side effects is mounting by the day, with many posts and video clips on social media.  Most have not been informed about the MHRA vaccine injury reporting scheme by those performing vaccinations .

People desperately want to protest without fear of assault, wrongful arrest or detention by the police, as enshrined in law.

People do not want a 5G mast emitting high levels of radiation outside their home, a school or their work-place. Nor do they want to experience permanent eyesight damage and other dangerous side effects from Ultra High Intensity LED lighting in the street or near their homes, where children cannot safely play or even go near.

People want to work without the threat or fear of being coerced or forced into taking a vaccination they are vigorously against; this is the first time in history when such a widespread unlawful variation condition of employment terms is being introduced.

5G radiation is sent from advanced antennas, in phased arrays, that transmit microwaves in narrow beams, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation from those beams. Those beams will be nearly everywhere.

LED 5G component, which is powerful micro cell radar, was removed by pressure from Mark Steel in Gateshead, however, it is a grave threat across the entire Country.

The Light Emitting Diode without a suitable diffuser causes detrimental effects in the environment and promotes Cancer rates in areas deployed with certain types of LED that have a high Kelvin optical radiation emission.

The wireless telecoms industry intend to outfit many lamp posts or utility posts around the UK with wireless small cell antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into, our homes, schools and work places, as well as intensifying 5G throughout the countryside.

We, The People, must have our sovereign rights protected from the overreach of governments, local authorities, agencies and corporations.

Click on the pledge buttons, we would be very grateful if you can donate £5, £10, £20, £50 or more.

This fund will allow me to assist clients facing legal cases at no cost or at a much reduced rate. If you have any questions please contact me at This post was uploaded on 1st November 2021 – the fund currently stands at £………….. (figure will be updated monthly)

Judicial Review cases are already underway to  challenge the irresponsibility of continuing to allow unacceptable levels of exposure to radio frequency radiation that will not protect us from known harm, and takes no account of the cumulative effects of the unseen hazardous electro-smog from multiple sources.

Join the fight today and assist others that are with you so that they are able to defend themselves as well as being able to pursue legal action against the police, companies and government bodies.

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