Court Fees, High Court, County Court and Small Claims Court – Oct 2020

High Court and County Court Fees: Includes Small Claims Court


ClaimFeeMoney Claim Online & County Court Business Centre
High Court and County Court  
Amount claimed up to £300£35£25
Amount claimed between £300 and £500£50£35
Amount claimed over £500 to £1,000£70£60
Amount claimed over £1,000 to £1,500 £80£70
Amount claimed over £1,500 to £3,000£115£105
Amount claimed over £3,000 to £5,000£205£185
Amount claimed over £5,000 to £10,000£455£410
Amount claimed over £10,000 to £200,0005% of claim (including any interest claimed)4.5% of claim (including any interest claimed)
Amount claimed over £200,000 or an unlimited amount£10,000n/a
Application for Summary Judgment£255 
Setting aside county court judgment on notice£255 
By consent or without notice£100 
Costs only proceedings£55 
Claim other than money£308 county£528 high
Possession Claims Online£325 
Claim for recovery of land through Possession Claim Online£121 

Allocation Questionnaire Fee (other than small claims)

No FeeNo Fee
Allocation Questionnaire Fee (small claims, where claim exceeds £1,500, but under £5,000) (No fee if under £1,500)No Fee 

Trial Fee 

Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) Fast-trackNo Fee
Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) Multi-trackNo Fee
Hearing Fee£1,090 Multi-track 
Hearing Fee£545 Fast-track
Hearing Fee (small claims track) 
Claim does not exceed £300£25
Claim exceeds £300 but under £500 £55
Claim exceeds £500 but under £1,000£80
Claim exceeds £1,000 but under £1,500£115
Claim exceeds £1,500 but under £3,000£170
Claim exceeds £3,000£335
Appeal Notice£140 county £240 high
Appeal Notice (small claims track)£120 county
Witness Summons£21

Attachment of Earnings£110 county only
Application for Charging Order£110 county & high
Warrant of Possession / Warrant of Delivery£121 county only
Warrant of Execution£110 county only
Sealing a Writ of Execution / Possession / Delivery£66 high court only
Application for 3rd party debt order or garnishee order£77 county & high
Application for order that debtor attend court for questioning£55 county & high
To request bailiff service of an order that debtor attend court for questioning£110 county & high
Warrant of Delivery (goods)£121
Reissue Warrants of Execution, Delivery or Possession £33 
Vary a judgment or suspend enforcement £50
Judgment Summons£110 county & high
Creditors Bankruptcy Petition £280
Petition to wind up a company £280 
Application to convert a voluntary arrangement into a bankruptcy or winding up £160 
Certificate of discharge from bankruptcy £70 
Further copies of discharge cost per copy £10
Bankruptcy searches £11 high court for each 15 minutes
Bankruptcy searches £45 county court 
Appeals£120 (small claim) £140 (fast or multi-track)  £240 (high court) 
Application to register a judgment or summons£40 county   £60 high
Certificate of Satisfaction£14 

Family Proceedings Fees
High Court & County Court
Divorce/Nullity/Civil Partnership Dissolution£550
Judicial Separation£365
Amending Petition£95
Filing Answer or Cross-Petition£245
Filing a second petition with permission of the court £95
Application for Decree Nisi or Absolute or Conditional or Final Order£50 
Children Act Applications (s.8 orders) care & supervision orders etc.



Applications for contact with a child in care£215
To Register Maintenance (including abroad) £50
Financial Application (other than by consent)£255
Financial Application (with consent)£50
Application for non-molestation order No Fee
Application for an occupation order No Fee 
Injunctions (Magistrates Court)No Fee
Application Notice £255
Application by consent £50
Application for forced marriage protection No Fee
Application for female genital mutilation (FGM) protection No Fee
Search of index of parental responsibility agreements £45 county
Search of index of decree absolutes £45 county £65 high
Adoption £170
Appeal from a district judge £125 

Detailed Assessment
Request for detailed assessment hearing (legally-aided) £220 county & high
Request for detailed assessment hearing (non legally-aided)  
Does not exceed £15,000£369
Exceeds £15,000 but less than £50,000 £743
Exceeds £50,000 but less than £100,000 £1,106
Exceeds £100,000 but less than £150,000 £1,480
Exceeds £150,000 but less than £200,000 £1,848
Exceeds £200,000 but less than £300,000£2,772
Exceeds £300,000 but less than £500,000 £4,620
Exceeds £500,000 £6,160
Application for an order under Part 3 Solicitors Act 1974 £55
Appeal against detailed assessment £231 county & high
Request for issue of default costs certificate £66 county & high
Request for application to set aside default costs certificate£121 county & high
Application for costs certificate payable from the Civil Legal Aid Fund£50 county & high
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