Estimated costs for just appearing for you at a Civil Court.

The prices includes me dealing with a reasonable number of phone calls and emails from you and reviewing the papers for the hearing. The price does not include me preparing your case for the hearing and the prices may vary if you need to speak me on a large number of occasions or you have been to a number of hearings on your own and the matter is very difficult and time consuming at a late stage in the proceedings for me to read and understand the issues.  

Up to 2.5 hours – £300

Up to 5 Hours – £550

A full day hearing – £1,000 (* all excluding VAT) 

If over 30 miles travel, John will also have to charge petrol costs. If over 100 miles away and the matter is to go into a 2nd day (or more), John would need to charge B&B costs to enable him to be on site for the start of the 2nd day (and any other ongoing days).

If your case is complex and goes on for several days/weeks, John may seek (at an additional cost) to have one of his litigation assistants also attend Court to assist him. That will always be agreed in advance. 

The cost for preparation of a simple CIVIL case, starts at £750, (excluding VAT), which includes a full phone, video, or face to face consultation, the drafting of any statements, and corresponding with the other side. It does not include paying for any expert report or any transcripts. It also does not include any court fees which you will have to pay, or ancillary costs e.g. postage, and if John has to prepare a bundle for the court and the other side in the proceedings which has more than 70 pages, he will have to charge you for ink consumables. 

As an estimate: for John to prepare a SIMPLE CIVIL case and then ATTEND a 1/2 day court hearing, your fees will be £1,300, (excluding VAT).

I have fixed fees on my website for me to represent you at a CRIMINAL TRIAL – CLICK HERE 

There are many reasons why you may seek to pay privately for representation at a CRIMINAL TRIAL:

i) you may not rate the local firm in your area who hold the legal aid contract; 

ii) the firm of solicitors who have the legal aid contract say they only use specific Barristers and they will not use one that has been recommended to you;

iii) you are not able to speak directly to your Barrister as often as you request;

iv) you have not been told who is to be your Barrister at trial as you have seen several different ones as the case progresses;

v) you may have lost faith in your solicitors and you are told you cannot transfer your legal aid to another firm;

vi) you want experts instructed and legal aid will not fund that;

vii) you are not entitled to legal aid, or

viii) your contribution to the legal aid agency will be very high and you find that you can pay privately for less than the contribution will be.

Fees for Criminal Cases will depend on the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence provided by the prosecution, whether any experts will be giving evidence, whether you have any co-defendants, how long the trial is set for and how many witnesses you may have.

If a Criminal Case is listed for 3 or more days it will be prudent to for you pay to pay extra for me to bring a litigation assistant in court so that a comprehensive note of the proceedings can be taken and they can address any issues you may have whilst I am on my feet in Court. 

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