Coronavirus: Barbers offering haircuts ‘are flouting law’

BBC news have found that Barbers are offering haircuts despite coronavirus lockdown laws. 

Legislation banning businesses from operating, to stop the spread of the disease was brought in in March 2020.

But if was found that 19 out of 50 barbers contacted by the BBC in Kent and Sussex were offering appointments at home or in shops. One said he was so busy that he had a two-day waiting period, while others had doubled their prices.

Medway Trading Standards said some were “deliberately flouting the law”.

An Immunology expertsaid: “If they’re seeing quite a few clients, that’s interactions with quite a few different people who may also therefore be interacting with other people.

“This all gives any person who may already be infected and asymptomatic opportunity to spread the virus quite rapidly and potentially [to] a large number of people.”

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