Civil Litigation & Small Claims

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Civil Litigation is often described as “the most complicated indoor sport devised by mankind“. 

Going to Court is not to be undertaken without fully understanding what is involved. It is a fact that if you do not comply with the specific Civil Procedure Rules, you could simply find your claim or defence being struck out.

Being involved in any action as a litigant is to be at war under our adversarial system. It is fraught with financial danger and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Civil litigation is when a personal claim is pursued through the civil courts. A large number of matters can result in civil litigation.

It does not matter if you are bringing a claim (“Claimant“) or defending a claim (“Defendant“), we can offer advice and services to get you through the process.

You might be in dispute with a neighbour, have a disagreement over a planning application, a dispute over a boundary or simply be trying recover a debt.

We have the experience to assist you, allowing us to manage the process for you with the minimum amount of fuss and stress.

There are many types of claims which go through the Courts as Small Claims, Fast Track or Multi Track cases, each of which have separate and distinct costs implications.

Do not ignore any Claim Letter (a letter before action) or receipt of an N1 Claim Form.

From receipt by you (or when the Court legally assumes receipt) the clock is ticking as to the response required by you and thereafter. You need to be aware of the obligations upon you to obey Court orders and the implications you may face for any failure to do so.

Be a winner, be informed and have a trusted professional team behind you. 

The following may result in civil litigation through the Courts as Small Claims, Fast Track, or Multi Track cases and each of these have costs implications:

  1. Debt Claim or Defence;
  2. Civil Injunctions; 
  3. Bankruptcy; 
  4. Contractual Disputes; 
  5. Consumer Rights; 
  6. Negligence; 
  7. Landlord and Tenant Disputes; 
  8. Boundary Disputes; 
  9. Breach of Contract; 
  10. Defamation and Slander; and 
  11. Wrongful and Malicious Prosecution Claims — we can pursue compensation claims against the police and other prosecution authorities (e.g. Customs and Excise,  RSPCA) when a prosecution has been brought against you without reasonable cause.

In Civil Litigation, the rule generally is that the loser pays the winners legal fees. SMALL CLAIMS have a different regime, as any claim with a value under £10,000 is deemed to be a small claim and this means that you are unable to recover legal fees should you succeed in Court. 

We offer you a value for money service to assist you with various elements of a small claim or we can deal with the whole claim for you.

The services you seek in a small claim are likely to be different if your claim is valued at £1,500 or if it is valued at £9,500, the choice is left to you.

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