Fixed Fees for County Court & Debt Claim actions up to £25,000

We can assist you if you are pursuing or defending a claim. Our fee structure is designed so that you can decide to pay for as little or as much assistance as you require. You can decide whether you want to have assistance from the beginning to the end of the claim, or you can select specific areas of assistance. 

The fees below DO NOT include court attendance, or enforcement of judgements. In the Small Claims Court we will be assisting with the claim not acting for you. I can draft all letters and court documents for you. We will also provide free phone support (within reason) throughout your case.

If you wish us to pursue the matter to a Hearing, we charge the following at individual preparity stages during the proceedings + the costs for attending for a 1/2 day or a full day hearing at court :-

Initial Advice & Letter of Before Action                                                £125

Issue Claim Form & Particulars of Claim                                             £195

Application for Judgement (CPR12)                                                     £30                  

Advice on Opponents Defence and any Counterclaim                       £50

Drafting Defence and any Counterclaim                                               £75

Drafting Witness Statements                                                                 £85 each 

Directions Questionnaire                                                                         £50

Advice on Court Directions                                                                      £50

Advice on Opponents Disclosure and Witness Statements               £50

Advice on Preparation for Trial including Court Bundles                   £175

Application (Drafting or Responding to)                                                 £70

Other Court Documents                                                                             £35

Document Swearing Services                                                                   £45

Any other unspecified Services                                                                £70 per hour

If you want us to deal with your claim from start to finish please call for a quote

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