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Chambers of Dr John Brown
Sole Practitioner & Direct Access Barrister, based in County Durham
Authorised to Undertake Litigation under Direct Access


FIND ME: Opposite ASDA, Stanley, County Durham

I do not offer Legal Aid Services under Direct Access
I only offer privately paying services to the General Public and to Businesses  

In each case, if you get a quote from a firm of solicitors I guarantee to beat that quote by 30%

Commercial Litigation
Civil Litigation (including debt claims and bankruptcy)
Contract Law (including drafting of contracts)
Criminal Law and Criminal Appeals
White Collar Crime
Inheritance and Will Disputes
Employment Law (Employees and Employers)
Speeding/Drink/Drug Driving/Careless Driving
Divorce, Financial Settlement
Speeding/Drink/Drug Driving, Careless Driving
Military Law

Litigation Services: Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead (and all of Tyneside), Darlington, Sunderland, Carlisle (and Cumbria), Middlesbrough (and all of Teesside), York, Leeds (and all of North Yorkshire), Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire. 

I will travel anywhere within England and Wales if my travel/accomodation is covered
For military cases I will travel to overseas bases. 

If you are a Solicitor seeking to instruct Counsel

If you are a member of the public or a business and you require any Direct Access Services

Being a Direct Access Barrister, I can offer you the same legal services as a High Street Firm of Solicitors. 

When you instruct a firm of solicitors you may speak to a number of people in the office and you are normally just told to meet a barrister on the day of the court hearing without any prior knowledge of them. When getting prepared for a legal case, you will want a familiar face you know and can trust, with you, throughout the whole journey.

Direct Access Barrister’s have more flexibility than firms of solicitors. I will not charge you extra to call me or ask me something by email (as long as contact is of a reasonable level and not excessive) and I will accept calls also at weekends.
I will always give up to 20 minutes free to discuss and understand your case before I agree to take it on under direct access. 

I will prepare your legal case and provide you with legal advice from the beginning, right until the very end of your case. This gives you continuity, so you can rest assured that on the day of your court case, you will have a reliable barrister representing you at the hearing. 

I can prepare your whole case, but I will also give you the option to manage your own case if you’d prefer.

I can offer you professional legal services, whilst also saving you 30% on your legal fees, if you went elsewhere.

I will always give 20 minutes free initial consultation over Phone, Skype or Zoom.

I’m also available to provide any legal advice at your home or office if necessary.

North East Barristers Chambers provide legal services within the areas of business/commercial law (including disputes), civil law, debt claims, criminal law, road traffic law, family law, military law, immigration law and employment law. 

Based in County Durham with easy access to Durham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Carlisle (and all of Cumbria), Middlesbrough (and all of Teesside), Tyneside, Sunderland, Northumberland, York, Leeds (and all of North Yorkshire), Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, but willing to act for clients throughout England and Wales and military clients in bases overseas. 

Legal cases are very confusing and can often be extremely taxing.
If you seek a fully qualified, expert, to prepare your case and assist you through to court proceedings give me a call on 01207.655178

Legal Services...

Business & Commercial Law

​We can be instructed by clients in high-value civil fraud cases and can offer specialist advice and advocacy relating to litigation arising out of fraudulent and dishonest conduct.

Civil Litigation & Small Claims

We can offer specialist advice and advocacy services on all areas of Civil Litigation. We also offer a value for money service in respect of any small claims

Family Law

We can offer specialist advice and advocacy services on all areas of Family Law

Wills, Estate Planning & Attorneyship

We can offer specialist advice on wills and estate planning, including lasting powers of attorney and the Court of Protection.

Debt Recovery

We offer specialist advice with fixed fees for all debt recovery claims, including statutory demands and bankruptcy.

Direct Access all at fixed fee price. 

Criminal Law, White Collar Crime & Road Traffic Cases

We offer knowledge, experience and tactical expertise based on long service at the Bar, and we also offer a collective professionalism in this challenging area of legal practice.

Direct Access all at fixed fee price. 

Advocacy Services

We can offer Advocacy Services to Solicitors in all Courts and Tribunals within England and Wales (as well as in any UK Dependency).

All at fixed fee price. 

Sports Law, Copyright & Trademarks

We can advise on large sponsorship agreements, merchandising, endorsements and even football transfers. We can also advise on regulatory and disciplinary issues


Military Law

John Brown is ex-RAF so has an understanding of military life. We can represent you at a Court Martial either in the UK or at any other military base worldwide.

Direct Access all at fixed fee services. 

Immigration Law

We offer extensive experience across a variety of aspects of immigration and nationality law including UK visa advice, emergency applications to remain, asylum and refugee matters and judicial reviews.

Direct Access all at fixed fee services. 

Employment Law

If you an Employee having problems with your Employer, or if you are an Employer having problems with an Employee. Or of you need any business or employment contracts drafted we can also assist. 

Local Government Law & Judicial Review

​Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which a court reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action which has made by a public body.


Motoring Offences

Drink/Drug Driving is a serious offence and if found guilty it carries a mandatory ban for a minimum period of 12 months.

If you are being prosecuted for any driving offence, we can assist you on a  fixed fee basis 

Have you received a speeding summons NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution)?

Are you are being prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit (speeding)?

Contact us today – We can help!

If you are seeking to instruct on a public access matter we will always offer you a 20 minute free consultation by Skype, Zoom or Phone and will always agree a fixed fee for the work.

When Trusted Experience Matters…

Client commitment and service delivery is something that we are passionate about.
We always ask, listen and react positively to feedback from our clients.

Don’t simply take our word for it, our Direct Access and Solicitor clients say they would use us again…

Commercial & Business Law

It’s easy to start a business and completely forget about the legal side of things. But commercial law is a very important area of your business. Business legal disputes could end up costing you an arm and a leg, which is especially bad when you’re a new company.

With my expertise, I will guide you through any commercial and business laws you are unsure of and provide you with expert legal advice in any dispute.

The areas of commercial law I can guide you through are; employee and business contracts, employee disputes, any prosecutions e.g. health and safety agency, financial transactions and much more.

Family Law

Family law is a very difficult process to go through for a variety of different reasons. It is also any area where you should seek out value for money services as you will not be able to recover your legal fees if you “WIN”. We make sure that we handle your legal case with care and sensitivity, whilst guiding you to a suitable outcome. We can help you through divorces, child-related cases, financial cases, and more.

Criminal Law

I can act as your trial Barrister if you instruct your solicitors who have granted you legal aid, to instruct me

If you are not eligible for legal aid, I can represent you under direct access, through to trial at a fixed price.

Under direct access I will help you through the criminal law process, and make sure you’re more than prepared to enter the court and give evidence in your defence.

If you are seeking to appeal any conviction or sentence imposed in the criminal courts I can also advise on any possible appeal. 

Civil Law 

Civil law is important for a lot of different reasons such as resolving disputes, pursuing debts, protecting individuals and property and safeguarding civil liberties.

It is minefield as you have to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and any non compliance may lead to your claim being struck out.

Under direct access I will help you through the whole process, and prepare your case through to the final hearing. 

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